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Our company

The constant cooperation with medical specialists (orthopedists, angiologists, allergists, posturologues, osteopaths, sleep specialists, ect.) that have indicated over time solutions  for the prevention and treatment of certain specific deseases, has stimulated the company's evolution.

This has allowed the professional and structural growth inspired by the unique features of each product.

The whole activity, in fact, wants to realize sustainable development programs both for partners and for the end customer; the constant cooperation between Research and Development, Production and trade makes everything realize according to criteria of  quality and efficiency.

The trading partner enjoys an exclusive offer, complete and definite advantage that, through ongoing consultancy and logistical support, ensures timeliness and professionalism in the market, supporting the consumer's needs that also takes advantage of natural products and excellent in all respects; from structural functionality with aesthetics, without underestimating a balanced value for money.


Culture of Sleep

Our rest systems, fully customizable, guarantee a perfect ergonomic surface and correct at the same time. Our systems create an excellent balance between the differentiated thrust provided by the mattress and the counterthrust given by elastic networks, creating a unique "push on".

The synergistic action performed by the trio network, mattress and pillow allows the correct positioning of the spine by encouraging the proper restoration of intervertebral spaces and, therefore, reducing the compression. A rest not disturbed and continuous, in a natural system designed, is undoubtedly the best source of well-being.


Research and development

The Department that deals with the research on rest systems evaluates all components that contribute to the creation of a support designed to  respond positively to the quality requirements dictated by today's lifestyles. Starting from raw materials, selected in accordance with strict requirements for quality, reliability and durability, technical professionals RAC study and assess all feasible solutions to achieve functional and exclusive products both aesthetically and structurally.

All components are tested under extreme conditions and calibrated with the utmost severity. A large search path for promoting the welfare of current and future.


Rest Systems

Our rest systems are born in a modern factory where all stages of the productive cycle are managed and monitored. Each RAC is the result of studies technician-depth design, carried out in close collaboration with leading university research centers, where they have evolved the most modern solutions on the proper rest and have assessed the immediate benefits and long-term.

Moreover the intrinsic properties of natural materials of which nets, mattresses, pillows and accessories RAC are composed, provide other important benefits for "quality of rest", such as the electromagnetic isolation and security of total absence of harmful substances such as chlorine and synthetic substances for gluing and painting of timbers.



Oeko-tex 100, Morton Thiokol, TUV, Eurolatex, LGA, DAR, WKI, Fraunhofer Institut, Better Sleep Council, ISPA, Pure Talatech Latex, Ecolabel, Latex International.