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Medical Division


is the special net created by RAC to the Medical Division. This is a product specially designed to combine the comfort that characterizes nursing RAC systems with the benefits of the nets used such as medical devices. Both the structure and the slats are made of Beech plywood using chlorine-free glues. It is an ideal product for people with reduced mobility, because, as shown in the pictures, allows adjustment to different locations and in different heights. It is equipped with anti-backflow system.

Orthodorm Lift®  (posizione 1)

Orthodorm Lift® (posizione 1)

Orthodorm Lift®  (posizione 2)

Orthodorm Lift® (posizione 2)

Orthodorm Lift®  (posizione 3)

Orthodorm Lift® (posizione 3)




è lo speciale materasso realizzato da RAC che completa insieme alla rete Orthodorm Lift e al cuscino Green Cross Pillow un sistema di riposo appositamente calibrato sulle esigenze delle persone che necessitano di particolari attenzioni medico/sanitarie.




Superior foam pillow, ideal for proper support of the cervical area, designed by the RAC to the Medical Division.