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The Company RAC

The RAC Company started up in the '90s thanks to the engagement, vocation, and competency of two businessmen who invested in an emerging market regarding “quality health products”.

Although at the time consumers' knowledge on the subject was not the same as it is today, the market slowly rewarded the Company's seriousness and reliability that only real passion could generate.

As the Company grew and improved its structure, it developed an exclusive range of products which today allow it to meet the increasing requirements of final consumers, customers , and commercial partner

Made in Italy

Rest systems of  RAC's catalog are proudly designed and made in Italy  with first-rate materials from Europe and in modern factories where they are monitored in all the stages of the production cycle.


The analysis of the needs of its customers combined with  the continuous study of materials, technologies and  market trends, leads to  the innovation of the products  and the business processes to make products live up to the users' expectations.


RAC has dedicated a team to test and control each product in the purchase and sales in order to always guarantee the customer's satisfaction, the perceived quality and the durability of its products.

Video - Processing products


Our company, in order to meet its customers' requirements, offers a range of services that contribute to our efficiency and quality, providing a unique and perfect service!



 The manufacturing of the products is managed expertly by Italian artisans.



Each rest system is studied in every single detail.



On demand we offer products tailored for specific needs.